2022 BMW 5 Series 530i review, test drive

The 2022 BMW 5 Series needs no detailed introduction. It was a class definition all over the world. The 5 Series always strives to be better. It is quickly following in the footsteps of the 7 Series which was the pinnacle of BMW’s technological showcase. Every time a new avatar comes out of the flagship, a few months later, the Series 5 takes a big leap forward and becomes so much more irresistible. The Series 5 updates are strategic, well-planned and proportionate in size compared to its flagship, which makes it even more attractive. We all like balance. Series 5 is always well distinguished between series 3 and 7. Is it good this time? Just look at the pictures to know how good it can be! However, read on, because we are preparing a report that tells you a lot about this mid-size luxury sedan!

On the outside, the size of the grille is surprisingly small compared to its older sibling, the 7 Series. This makes it worthy of the spectacularly well-made headlights. I know, they are very BMW, but they just look like BMW at first glance, so job well done! The gray color of our test car is simply stunning with the 18-inch alloy wheels adding more bling and subtly to the package. We have never seen a 5 Series turn heads as much as a sports car! The build quality on the outside looks and sounds great and it scores high in crash tests like any other BMW. The elements of the car, such as the grille, the LED lights at both ends, the length of almost 5 meters and a large wheelbase, make the 5 Series the most beautiful mid-size sedan on the market.


Inside, the build and quality are good, as is the long list of features we’ve explained over and over again in our launch report. The dashboard gets a nice textured element with an aluminum strip underneath. The climate controls are also inspired by the 7 series. You get automatic lights and wipers for rear view cameras, front and rear parking sensors and headlight lamps, the car has a large panoramic sunroof, a wireless Apple Car Play, and Android Auto are now here. Ambient lighting, gesture control and remote parking key are features borrowed from the 7 Series to talk about the few most important features.


The LCD display in the instrument cluster area has navigation and all of the fuel economy indicators and other bits can be seen by pressing the toggle button on the left indicator stalk. A fantastic sound system by Harmon and Kardon makes for a first class experience. Plenty of space with ample shoulder and knee room you would expect is here. Legroom and headroom continue to be adequate, but as always, this is a strict four-seater.


Boot space is quite good despite a space-saving tire underneath, as is the general practicality of the interior. Road and wind noise inside the cabin is also well controlled thanks to massive insulation all around. Clearly much better than the previous version. Like any other BMW, it’s still a great place to live. The safety kit stays high with electronic stability control and eight airbags, hill hold assist, ABS and EBD, and more are standard.


All BMW engines are smooth, free-revving and low NVH and that of the 530i is no different. Whether in any part of the rev range. Low and mid ranges are good on the petrol which produces a massive 250PS and 400Nm of torque through the fantastic 8-speed automatic. The motor is even sharp in Comfort mode, which shows just how flexible and powerful this motor is. Eco Pro mode and then Sport mode are what we used the most. However, the 0 to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds is very fast and a top speed electronically limited to 250 km/h is offered. The top end is good enough for 120 mph descents and it cruises at legal speeds and higher than that quite easily. This makes it good enough for city and highway tasks and makes driving quite comfortable thanks to precision in every driving mode. 9 km/l in the city and 14 km/l on the highway, that’s what we got during our Mumbai-Pune race.


Ride quality is good at all speeds and it’s slightly smoother than the previous version. We found ourselves in a comfortable suspension setting all the time for that special balanced feel we always crave. High-speed stability is perfect thanks to the ideal balance between underlying stiffness and compliance. Body roll does exist when changing lanes at high speeds, but it’s obvious that this is a very inspiring car to drive at any speed.


The steering is light, precise around town and offers just about enough feedback, making the car 100% fun and inspiring to push harder through the corners. Despite the length and weight, they’re still not as apparent as they should be thanks to clever steering tuning. The brakes are good with good pedal bite and more than adequate stopping power. All in all, very easy to drive car despite its size while being extremely comfortable in the back. All of this and still great fun to drive if not the best!


2022 BMW 5 Series 530i review, verdict

The 5 Series had us drooling the time we drove it. The perfect petrol engine, the right color for our test car, whether inside or out! It has turned more heads than you can ever expect from a 5 series. The perfect balance between comfort and sportiness is so ideal that one can finally dream of owning this one instead of the 3 series! It takes a lot of time and effort to change a mindset like that. It shows that BMW has worked very hard and strategically of course to make the 5 Series an incredible deal. We also wish we could test the diesel, which would give us more incentive to recommend this mid-size luxury sedan to all its rivals. As if we didn’t already! High Five indeed!

2022 BMW 5 Series 530i Review in India
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