Project Canary provided its first TrustWell Responsably Sourced Gas (RSG) certification for mid-level equipment to the CleanMachine compressor package from Berkshire Hathaway Energy (BHE) Compression Services.

The CleanMachine minimizes the methane intensity to 0.2% by eliminating the raw methane produced by traditional compressor units. Any methane that cannot be removed is captured by the system. The system also uses Project Canary’s monitoring sensors which provide live data on raw methane emissions.

The company is set to produce RSGs “with full transparency on real-time performance through Project Canary’s continuous monitoring solution, as well as a third-party verification and certification process through TrustWell,” said Peter Strezo , vice president of technology and environment of BHE.

TrustWell certification provides ratings for gas wells or entire asset bases. It measures hundreds of technical and operational aspects against the 32 data elements required to certify the conditions under which gas is produced in order to assess impacts and risks, with a focus on water, air, land and community. As pressure mounts from customers and regulators for oil and gas producers with lower emission profiles, more and more oil and gas producers have revealed their intention to produce RSG. Most recently, Xcel Energy Inc. partnered with Crestone Peak Resources and Project Canary to launch an RSG pilot project with plans to decarbonize its Colorado operations.