Buy Chewy, Keep Berkshire Hathaway Long Term

Chewy – “It’s a top-flight growth stock. I like it. I think you should buy more. I think he’s in good shape.”

Perficient – “It’s a very popular business analysis company. We have too many. While Perficient may be knowledgeable, I have to stick with Salesforce. “

Berkshire Hathaway – “You will never go wrong buying Berkshire Hathaway shares, even after whatever happens to Mr. Buffett because he has a great team. Huge cash flow, lots of big brands, I want you to stay in this stock for a long time. “

TMC – “It’s a Canadian battery company. I’m not really sure this will be the winner. … Remember that there is not enough room for all of these businesses. We are starting to see companies being pushed around. I don’t want to be with this business. “

Lion Electric – “We love Lion Electric. This is another zero emission vehicle. Again, we see this jerk, and the jerk says to pay attention to those names.… So we’re going to hold back. everyone wants in Tesla and that takes all the money from the group. “

Microvast – “We don’t buy any of these lithium battery companies. There are too many of them and they’re all going down. And even if they may go up, it will be an opportunity to get lighter, to be bigger.”

Jazz Pharmaceuticals – “I’m going to be absolute and tell you that you should buy this. … I don’t see the federal government legalizing cannabis like everyone else has said. I love Jazz Pharma.”

nCino – “nCino is a winner. Now this one doesn’t take off the way I wanted it to, which I expected. I want you to buy nCino.”


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