Can Jewish Report leave the Press Council without consequences?

Iqbal Jassat |

June 27, 2022

Iqbal Jassat says the publication is known for its allegiance and support for Israeli apartheid

Can Jewish Report leave the Press Council without consequences?

June 27, 2022

Hasn’t the South African Jewish Report admitted that its haphazard reaction to the decision of the South African Press Council has turned into a public relations nightmare? For himself and his editors.

Obviously, if its editors and editorial staff have any respect for media ethics which are universally based on fairness and truth, one would expect them to do some soul-searching to determine what is not do not go. And why?

The saga I am referring to, which set off a chain of events ultimately leading to a murderous defeat for the Jewish Report, concerns an anti-capitalist cartoon published by the GIWUSA union as part of its campaign in a labor dispute with Clover.

The same cartoon was later picked up and republished by the Palestinian solidarity movement, the SABDS Coalition, resulting in a furor apparently constructed by the Jewish Report to smear the movement as anti-Semitic.


The article in question, which became a scourge of controversy, not only sought to denigrate the movement with allegations of anti-Semitism for publishing a cartoon it claimed was anti-Semitic; it reproduced strangely the cartoon!

Strangely, the reproduction of the cartoon which she described as deeply offensive to Jews accompanied the contested article intended for a Jewish readership. Why the contradiction? Surely a question owners need to think about as part of the soul-searching to establish who screwed up.

Strategies allow choices one can make to achieve a desired outcome. If in the case of the editor of the Jewish Report, or the editorial team or perhaps even its president, supposed to have devised a strategy to nail down the SABDS Coalition once and for all, it has backfired miserably on him .

Deja vu in the loudly proclaimed and unambiguously accusatory title: