Catherine Zeta-Jones says “not smoking and drinking kept me young”

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Catherine Zeta-Jones’ secret to her youthful appearance is not to drink or smoke.

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The 51-year-old actress tries to lead as healthy a life as possible, and she believes that keeping toxins out of her body affects the radiance of her skin.

Discussing the secret to her appearance, she says, “I don’t drink or smoke, but I love beautiful creams and oils. I’m 51 and have always taken care of myself – but as I get older I find you have more dieting. Now I cleanse my skin much more gently than before and stay active. I’m training.

Catherine shares two children, Dylan, 20, and Carys, 18, with husband Michael Douglas, and the Chicago star is set to follow in her father and her footsteps once they finish their University studies.

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In an interview with OK! magazine, she said: “They have become two great citizens of the planet. They are very intelligent and they love to learn. I am safe because they are ready to go out into the world. We are very close and if I had a crystal ball I would love to see what their future has in store for them because I am excited about where they are going to go, what they are going to do and what they are going to show.

“Carys loves fashion. She loves to play. She loves makeup. But she never really wanted to be a designer or a model. She really wants to be an actress, but she happens to be extremely smart.

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“Currently, she is going to school to study politics, international relations and diplomacy. Carys and Dylan are really wonderful actors, so I think you might see more of them. But right now they’re very happy to be in college, even remotely. They work very hard and learn so many good things – and are teenagers as they should be.

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