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A note from the editor, Paul Hindle:

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. After two years as an all-digital event, Sibos is back in full force this year with another in-person iteration, with delegates from around the world set to converge on the RAI in Amsterdam.

This year’s bumper Daily news at Sibos comes to you in digital format once again, giving you a feast of insights and discussion focused on the future of finance in a single supplement. Our aim is to explore the theme of the conference, which this year is “Progressive Finance for a Changing World”, covering topics such as technological innovation, sustainability and ethics in financial services.

The magazine presents an overview of a number of FinTech future columnists. Dr. Leda Glyptis, Chief Client Officer at 10x Banking, reflects on the history of the Sibos conference and how incumbents are maturing in an ever-changing industry, while AskHomey CEO Dharmesh Mistry explains whether banks are really innovating when it comes to launching new products for their customers.

NMD+ Founder Dave Wallace discusses how the financial industry has stepped up in the fight against climate change over the past year and what more can be done to achieve net zero goals, and Theodora Lau , founder and author of Unconventional Ventures, discusses the role of financial services in creating a more ethical and sustainable world.

Alex Pugh talks with Andreas Burner, CIO of SmartStream, about the complexities of data reconciliation for banks and how AI and machine learning can help, as well as new developments the company is looking at works, while State Street reviews key takeaways from its latest Digital Digest, covering the latest analysis of digital finance developments.

FinTech Futures journalist Shruti Khairnar examines the history of fintech growth in India, HSBC’s Lewis Sun delves into the potential of CBDCs, and Lloyds Bank’s Gwynne Master discusses the future of trade finance and whether paperless commerce is within reach.

As always, be sure to check our website for the latest from this year’s Sibos.

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