Dhadak Kamgar Union Founder Abhijeet Rane Receives ET Change Maker Award

A rising star in Marathi journalism, Abhijeet Rane, who uses the power of the pen to solve blue-collar problems, has been awarded the prestigious ET Change Maker Award.

A changemaker cares about people and is driven by a desire to make the world a better place. Abhijeet Rane is a pioneer in grievance redress for workers who perform manual labor. He has always strived to solve the problems faced by these helpless workers, also called blue collar workers.

Abhijeet Rane was born on November 8, 1982 in Mumbai. Her father, Mr. Ashok Rane, worked as a banker and her mother, Ms. Angha Rane, was a government official.

Abhijeet Rane founded DhadakKamgar Union, representing 7 lakh blue collar workers, in 300 reputable companies. He is now the General Secretary of the DhadakKamgar Union, known in the corporate world for its non-violent, peaceful and constructive activities. He talks to employers and management, gaining their trust and encouraging them to do their best to benefit not only permanent, but also casual and contract workers. A remarkable feature of the Dhadak Kamgar Union is that it is not associated with any other umbrella trade union organization or influenced by any political party. The union is recognized by most government, semi-government, corporate and private sector business groups as a trustworthy, rational and ethical union.

Abhijeet Rane is a warrior and achiever with a difference that is not associated with any particular political party. However, he enjoys widespread support and respect among most party leaders, ministers, people’s representatives, IAS and IPS bureaucrats and administrative staff. Thanks to his exceptional leadership, the DhadakKamgar union enjoys considerable goodwill and support in the labor-related government infrastructure.

Apart from the DhadakKamgar Union, Abhijeet Rane started important social projects such as AbhijeetRane Youth Fund and The Great Maratha Educational Trust.

He is not only a powerful and popular labor leader, but also a successful businessman, media network artist and social, educational and cultural sports activist. Abhijeet Rane is also the editor of several publications including Daily Mumbai Mitra, Daily Vrutt Mitra and Vast Media Group. Through these publications, he tries to solve the problems of the poor and the oppressed who face injustice.

Abhijeet Rane received the ET Change Maker award on July 20, 2022 at the Novotel Mumbai hotel in Juhu Beach in a scintillating event where legendary Bollywood singer Kumar Sanu was the chief guest. Megha Shrey, an NGO working for a brighter future for women and disadvantaged people, presented the award co-organized by Economic Times Ascent and Navbharat Times.

This is not the first time that AbhijeetRane has been recognized for his commendable support for the oppressed. He was previously honored by a leading PR agency, Times Applaud, as a Covid-19 warrior for his outstanding support to workers in the film and television industry through Dhadak All Film KamgarSangathana. He was also praised for his dedication and support to medical fraternity workers through Dhadak Hospital Kamgar Union. Abhijeet Rane has also put considerable effort into solving the problems faced by autorickshaws and taxi drivers.

We wish AbhijeetRane the best in all his future endeavours. We hope it will continue to help underprivileged people live better and happier lives. Website – www.dhadakkamgarunion.in

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