Dowager Marchioness of Bath, actress and wife of ‘Loins of Longleat’, has died aged 78

According to Time, her “career received a boost” when she married Gilbert Pineau, a French film director, in 1963. Despite her marriage, Anna remained in contact with Thynne (who later legally removed the “e” from the end of his last name so that it rhymes with ‘pine’ and not ‘pine’) throughout his twenties. In 1969, after her marriage to Pineau deteriorated, Thynne asked Anna to marry him, in the hope that she might produce an heir to her Wiltshire estate; “I broached the idea of ​​a son and asked if she wanted to be the mother,” he said People reviewed in 1976.

The couple married when Anna was three months pregnant at a registry office in London, with witnesses (one of whom had never met Anna), whom they followed with a lunch of pizza. Later, Anna recalled, “I don’t want it to sound boring, because it wasn’t. For me, it was terribly romantic”.

Ceawlin Thynn, Viscount Weymouth and Viscountess Emma WeymouthDavid M. Benett/Getty Images

Anna was easily bored easily; after giving up acting, she reinvents herself as a journalist, writing for the Time and Point magazine; she also published two books in her lifetime. In 1971, she went to Vietnam to live with the military, sleeping on their floors; she was once taken by an air raid in Cambodia, where she was stuck in a hole for four days.

After her son proposed to Emma McQuiston (now Marchioness of Bath), who is half Nigerian, Anna made her disapproval of the match known, refusing to attend the wedding in 2013.

The Dowager Marchioness of Bath is now survived by her son and daughter. She died of undisclosed causes on September 17, 2022.

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