Form a new group? You’ll also want to invest in these cool things

Starting a band is the dream of many children, teenagers and even adults. It’s a dream life full of glory and wealth, but more importantly, you can do what you love the most: play music. Lately, bands and public musical performances, in general, have taken a nosedive due to the pandemic. However, as things start to reopen, people are more eager than ever to experience music.

Being in a band is doing what you love, but it’s also being a performer and an artist. You can create the most amazing music, but if the people in the audience aren’t enjoying their time there, you won’t be very successful as an artist. Groups are intended to deal with large live audiences. The larger the audience, the greater the operational challenges. These are important pieces of equipment that you will need no matter the size of your gig.


Having good lighting is one of the most important things in a stage performance. With bands, there are several parts of the stage you want to focus on, and you also need lights that will make the performance look great. You should get a good mix of lights which are used to light the stage, the audience, and also a light controller to add effects. As you increase your performance, you can even hire a lighting specialist who can create better lighting for your show and also complement the music with different styles of lighting and different types and colors of lights.


Microphones are another essential part of a performance where people are there to hear you. This is the first part of getting the right sound for your audience; the other is the speakers through which the sound is expelled. The types of pickups you use will depend on the types of instruments you play and also the style of the performance.

If you plan to walk around a lot or have musicians changing places during the performance, wireless mics will be the best option. If you’re performing a less active show, a wired system can do the job. Also keep in mind the space you need to use, as wireless mics can only work within a certain range and wired mics are limited by cable length.

MIDI controller

If you want to create truly unique sounds, or if you want a simpler interface where you can artificially create instrument sounds that you don’t actually have, then you need a MIDI controller. These are most commonly found in keyboard formats. With the help of innovation controller, you have a 25-key interface with a few pads that give you plenty of room to play with the sound. You can load the interface with any type of input you like, then you can play the instrument through the interface. It can also be very handy if you need to create loops while you play to complement your music.


Stage performances are all about being loud and fun for the audience, but there’s a lot to be done to make a speaker sound right for the situation. When selecting speakers, you want to look for a few key features like if it is an active or passive speaker, what is its SPL rating, sensitivity level, power handling capability and other metrics. More isn’t always better for speakers, and you need to find something that will work in your particular situation. Additionally, speaker placement can play a huge role in the quality of sound the audience hears, so be sure to show up a little early and try a few different settings for the best result.


Amplifiers are important for all instruments, not just electric guitars. In fact, you can have a dedicated amplifier in the sound management area that will help clarify and amplify the signal from all input sources and generate a cleaner signal for the speakers to convert into sound. Amplifiers can be quite expensive, but you get what you pay for. If you don’t need to be too loud and are only addressing a small audience, smaller amps will suffice. But as your gigs grow and you need more amplification, you should invest in quality rather than quantity. Bad amplifiers will ruin the sound, no matter how good the mics and speakers are.

Audio equipment can be expensive, so you want to invest in the right solutions from the start. You can always hire a sound expert to handle the audio for you, but that also comes at a steep price. You should invest in some of the basic things that you will use most often. This will give you the freedom to play where you want, when you want, and you’ll also have a great setup to use during practice.

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