FOUR tips on how UK taxi fleets can generate MORE BUSINESS from local locations

Since the pandemic, the taxi industry has endured many challenges and is bouncing back, adapting to the new normal and getting back on track. Although the taxi sector is experiencing a significant demand, the shortage of drivers has impacted the industry in recent days. Various reasons such as expensive licenses, better work elsewhere, low wages and backlogs in driver background checks have contributed to the shortage across the UK. With new technologies improving the customer experience, there has been a massive shift in the way people use private hire and taxi services around the world. Taxi Butler’s recent findings highlight the shift in passenger preferences for using taxi services, with demand for taxi bookings increasing worldwide.

The current scenario

To support the return of the taxi industry and encourage drivers to get back on the road, the Ministry of Transport and the municipalities are already working on a lasting solution. They could further play a considerable role in removing barriers to entry for drivers wishing to join the trade, making licenses cheaper and reducing bureaucracy. Fleets could also look at drivers’ wages and terms of employment. Taxi fleets can implement better and safer working conditions for drivers to encourage them to return to the industry. We’ve seen hundreds of fleets now offer in-vehicle separation screens and antigen testing for their drivers to help them feel safer at work. IVR systems, like RedRoute, are implementing new features to support fleets during the shortage by increasing wait time transparency, improving overall automation rates and phone reservations.

Possible solutions

According to a survey, the bar of 15 million carpooling bookings made every day will increase to reach 100 million by 2030. In today’s world, where most people still depend on taxis for their daily journeys, l he fundamental expectation of all passengers is to arrive at their destination safely and on time. To meet these customer expectations and drive incremental bookings with local businesses/locations, taxi fleets and owners can adopt the following strategies to improve their business flow.

1. Automated Customer Login

Customer satisfaction is essential to the long-term success of a business. It is essential to have customers, but it is also crucial to retain them. As a taxi fleet owner and business owner, you need to provide compelling reasons for customers to prefer your taxi service over others. How do you do this? Offering discounts might be a good but shortsighted marketing approach. Call center automation like RedRoute can help you pay more attention to your consumers. Setup only takes minutes and automates an average of 40% of all your support calls.

In most cases, customers automate half of their calls on day one, improving total performance and customer satisfaction.

2. Automated taxi reservations from sites

Most taxi companies are adopting technological advancements such as Taxi Butler’s specially designed and innovative taxi booking device to help grow their taxi business.

Every shipping provider, country, data provider, location, and taxi company is different, and a booking device should provide quality service in all scenarios. No taxi booking solution can control external wires such as data/electricity failure or physical damage caused by third parties or nature. Connectivity, for example, is essential for both taxi companies and venues. Taxi companies can use automated taxi booking solutions allowing 24/7 access and tracking of the number of taxi bookings made per day. These devices are always online, always ready to book a taxi and contain a SIM card that is always ready to send data and receive the latest updates without depending on a Wi-Fi connection.

A taxi booking device could help you grow your taxi business by providing the following services:

  • One-click taxi booking from hotels, bars and restaurants. The location address is pre-programmed on the device. The receptionists just click the button once and one of your taxis is on its way to the location.

  • The taxi reservation device also has a portal that provides real-time statistics on reservations made and canceled.

  • Thanks to its integrated SIM card, the dedicated taxi booking device is always online, always ready to book a taxi.

  • Set goals and measure your performance by logging into the Management Portal, a dashboard that lets you track device performance and success. It is a place where taxi companies can configure devices, find and add new locations, configure device features, track and manage the performance of each device and download statistical reports, as well as a dedicated team to customer success and technology working around the clock to support the taxi. companies achieve their business goals and help them answer all their questions.

3. Give back to the community

As a business owner, one also has a moral obligation to make conscious business decisions that positively impact the community. Taxi owners could partner with local venues across the UK and offer occasional deals, discounts or free rides to the frontline

workers, police or NHS staff in the event of such crises. This could be a fabulous way to give back to the community, while promoting your business as a safe and ethical taxi service provider. You can also take steps to take green initiatives for your taxi service, such as adopting energy-efficient vehicles, always maintaining optimum tire pressure, and adopting alternative environmentally friendly measures.

When local sites understand your ethics and core business values, they will trust you more, increasing your chances of generating more business with them. Making small changes such as the ones mentioned above tells customers and locations that your taxi company not only provides basic taxi service, but is also a caring and responsible business that has a positive impact on the environment. .

4. Stay up to date to stay ahead

Passengers are more satisfied with taxis when they are clean and functional. Taxi fleets and drivers must ensure that the vehicle is well maintained and in good working order at all times. In the long run, the same would benefit the business. A well-maintained taxi helps to increase the driver’s star rating on the taxi booking system. Currently, government and health authority social distancing norms and regulations have restricted taxi services for daily trips. It is essential to take all the necessary precautions to maintain the safety of the passengers and the driver; therefore, keeping a few items on hand like face coverings, vehicle shields, a few rapid antigen test kits, and disinfection is a no-brainer.

There has been a significant change in the way people use local taxi services around the world as the automated taxi booking system has become available, improving the customer experience. Taxis continue to play a vital role in modern public transit. According to the Taxi Butler Industry Report, by the second quarter of next year, the industry will have grown by 72.7%. The latest findings reveal a change in the inclination of customers to use taxi services, with a rapid growth in taxi bookings from local sites. The global taxi booking industry has faced several challenges. 2021 has seen a bumpy but steady increase in taxi bookings around the world. As we enter a new year, with lockdowns easing and the travel industry opening up globally, the taxi booking industry is more robust than ever to meet demand from venues and taxi fleets. However, the tips mentioned above are just some of the ways UK taxi service providers can grow their business.

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