High performance waterproof leather strap for Apple Watch

Apple accessories maker Nomad continues to expand its Apple Watch offering, with the Active Pro Strap. This is a nice upgrade option for Apple Watch owners – a premium leather strap that’s completely waterproof, but also super comfortable, even when you’re sweating, swimming, or walking in the rain. It’s a pretty winning combination.

Waterproof Leather

Leather straps really dress up the Apple Watch, but you have to be careful with water exposure. However, the Nomad Active Strap Pro is completely waterproof. How does he deal with this feat? Nomad uses hydrophobic Heinen leather from Germany.

The tanning process used for Heinen leather impregnates it with natural lipids, making it completely waterproof. Not only water resistant – waterproof. I submerged this strip and the water comes out of it. Put some dirt, sweat, or salt on it and you can literally stick it under a faucet and wash it off.

Hybrid design with FKM fluoroelastomer rubber

The special thing about Heinen leather is that it is a bit stiff compared to the Horween leather that Nomad typically uses. And a strip of leather lies flat against the skin, which can make it uncomfortable to wear if you sweat.

The Active Strap Pro solves these problems with its hybrid design. The leather exterior is lined with micro-textured FKM fluoroelastomer rubber. It’s comfortable against the skin and includes ventilation channels that allow water or sweat to escape easily, while still allowing air to circulate underneath. I have found that the hybrid design also adds more flexibility to the band than the one I tried out earlier in full Heinen leather.

A few years ago, I saw the Nomad Sport Bracelet, which I found to be incredibly comfortable to wear during strenuous activities, including hiking sand dunes in 80 degree weather with high humidity. I haven’t reached the ocean lately with trips out of the slate until the pandemic ended, but I’ve done a lot of local hikes. And I can say that the Active Strap Pro was just as comfortable to wear as the Sport Strap during physical activity.

Another potential weak point during physical activity is the pods and loop. I’ve had more than one third-party Apple Watch strap pulled out of my wrist when working outside, but never one from Nomad. The company uses custom designed 316 stainless steel injection molded metal (MIM) lugs and loops. They look high quality and deliver performance to match.

If you want to minimize the swapping of Apple Watch bands – with just one to cover a dressy look and also activity-friendly – the Nomad Active Strap Pro is the band to go for.

Prices and options

There is an Active Strap Pro version for just about any Apple Watch. Nomad offers a choice of black or brown leather, black or silver hardware, and sizes 44mm / 42mm or 40mm / 38mm. In other words, you can find one to fit any Apple Watch from the original to Series 6 and SE. The price is $ 79.95 which is quite reasonable considering that this unique hybrid band covers both premium leather look and fitness performance.

Disclosure: Nomad provided an Active Strap Pro for evaluation, but did not participate in this review.

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