Ingredion Brings Clean Label Dietary Fiber from Recycled Citrus Peel to EMEA

July 06, 2022 — Ingredient supplier Ingredion has expanded its offering with new dietary fruit fibers – branded Fibertex CF 502 and Fibertex CF 102 in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, with availability in other regions expected later this year.

Clean Label Texturizing Ingredients are made from unused citrus processing side streams and can improve nutrient profiles and label appeal in a wide range of applications.

“By nature, they provide a unique texture, allow replacement of expensive ingredients, and can help prolong and stabilize texture throughout shelf life to reduce environmental impact, reducing food waste,” details Ingredion.

Botanical substitute for traditional stabilizers
FIbertex CF Citrus Fiber contains >90% dietary fiber and its inherent functionality can replace ingredients such as fats, hydrocolloids and modified starches, helping to reduce fats, sugars and calories in a range of apps.

Citrus fibers come from the peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes and oranges.According to Ingredion’s proprietary consumer research, “ATLAS”, more consumers want to buy products with ingredients they recognize and accept, with short labels, health benefits and claims that convey naturalness and freshness .

Fibertex CF citrus fibers allow for ‘fibre source’ or ‘high fibre’ claims, which provide consumer appeal and shelf differentiation – an important feature given that 71% of consumers in EMEA are willing to pay a higher price for “naturally clean” label products.

Citrus fibers come from the peels of citrus fruits, such as lemons, limes and oranges. They are made from the recovery of waste streams from the pectin industry, applying simple processing techniques.

“Fibertex CF 502 and 102 dietary fibers represent our new wave of Clean Label ingredients and complement Ingredion’s Novation and Homecraft range of functional native starches and flours,” said Constantin Drapatz, EMEA Senior Marketing Manager for Clean Ingredients. & Simple at Ingredion.

“The ability to improve nutrient profiles, improve our customers’ margins, support sustainability, and provide manufacturers with ingredients that deliver desired sensory experiences and shelf differentiation supports today’s formulation needs.” today and tomorrow.”

Citrus at the forefront of the formulation
Citrus continues to play a prominent role in ingredient formulation, as at Givaudan and Manus Bio recently launched the flavoring solution BioNootkatone.

In the context of similar industrial developments, Givaudan and the American company Fiberstar have recently entered into an agreement allowing Givaudan to market and use Citri-Fi, Fiberstar’s natural plant-based texturizing ingredient, recycled from fiber of citrus fruits.

Meanwhile, Univar Solutions previously touted citrus fiber as “one of the latest clean-label alternatives to traditional emulsifiers.”

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