Insitec finalizes the acquisition of the Defense panel membership

Insitec President Andrew McNeill has received formal approval from Defense for the novation of membership in an Information and Communication Technology Partnership Expert Group (ICTPA).

The composition of the ICTPA panel was previously held by Canberra-based Exeter (as DMV), and negotiations for its purchase and subsequent novation to Insitec have been brought forward in 2020. Defense approval of the novation of membership in the ICTPA panel means that all associated contracts membership is now transferred to the Insitec group.

As a result, more than sixty former DMV employees have now joined the Insitec group and are gradually integrated into the larger Insitec company.

“This acquisition roughly doubles our group employee base and significantly broadens the horizon of our engagement with Defense Chief Information Officer Group (CIOG),” said McNeill. “The board of directors and management of Insitec are very excited to benefit from this panel in the future. as a platform to extend our service offerings to Defense and the Australian government at large.

Speaking directly on the benefits of joining the ICTPA panel, Insitec Managing Director Michael Branch said, “Expanding the capabilities of the Insitec ICT team through the addition of DMV staff will allow us to provide an even wider set of services through CIOG.

“Insitec is building a globally competitive sovereign capability for the Australian Defense Force and its supporting enabling groups with a focus on high-level integration skills, locally delivered technical support and cyber- innovative services.

“The acquisition of DMV ICTPA includes an additional tranche of a broader growth initiative across the Insitec group launched in the first half of 2020, with the aim of developing our commercial capabilities in order to better focus on the evolution of future military capability requirements of the Australian Defense Force as outlined in the Force Structure Plan 2020.

“It also fully complements our recent acquisition of Horizon Defense Systems Pty Ltd and the successful merger of that company’s capabilities into our military, intelligence and space systems (GIS) business.”

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