International Chocolatier Confirmed For Chocstock, Tickets On Sale Today

New Zealand’s first artisan chocolate festival kicks off worldwide with Melbourne maker Birdsnake landing in the capital for Chocstock in July, and gourmet chocolate lovers should purchase the limited tickets on sale starting today. hui.

Chocstock is the brainchild of Wellington Chocolate Factory (WCF) and The Chocolate Bar, and will be held on July 3 in Wellington’s tastiest alley, Eva Street, the bustling alley recognized as one of the country’s best food havens, with special events and guided tastings. sessions also offered on weekends.

With delicious treats in all directions, Chocstock aims to champion NZ’s local artisan chocolate industry and the festival is now expanding it to international manufacturers, with Birdsnake renowned for its cocoa art and sourcing philosophy. ethical cocoa in the far corners of the globe joining in the fun.

Eight one-hour slots will allow fans to meet manufacturers such as Baron Hasselfhoff’s, Lucid Chocolatier, Ocho, Foundry Chocolate, Shirl & Moss, Raglan Chocolate and Flint Chocolate, and learn about the origins of their favorite delicacy, as well as the opportunity to taste a huge range of the highest quality bar bean chocolate from New Zealand. There will also be a free chocolate bar for everyone attending the festival.

A hotspot for those with adventurous taste buds, Chocstock will also offer everything from a beer made with WCF cocoa nibs to chocolate pizza and specially created desserts. And for those who like a drink, the harmonious and unexpected combination of whiskey and chocolate will be explored at Hanging Ditch, while beer and chocolate will be offered for tasting at Fortune Favors, two of the quintessential boutique bars of Wellington.

Matt Williams, WCF General Manager, is delighted to introduce people to the Birdsnake of Melbourne, who are as committed to their craft as their Kiwi counterparts.

“We’re on a mission to educate Kiwis about bean chocolate on the bar, and why sustainability and manufacturer transparency are important – let’s call it a revolution. I’m delighted to have industry leaders under one roof for chocolate lovers, ”says Matt Williams.

Luke Owen Smith, founder of The Chocolate Bar, says visitors to Chocstock will have a great time.

“I am delighted that people come to meet New Zealand’s most talented chocolatiers and taste the amazing artisanal chocolate that is made here. It’s guaranteed to be an eye-opening (and mouth-opening!) Experience!

Tickets for Chocstock and the beer and chocolate pairing sessions are available here. Tickets for the whiskey and chocolate pairing sessions can be purchased here.

About Wellington Chocolate Factory

Nestled in the heart of Eva Street (Wellington’s most popular food alley), Wellington Chocolate Factory has been lovingly making New Zealand’s finest small batch chocolate since 2013.

New Zealand’s original, organic chocolate producer delivers ‘true to the bean’ flavors with nothing added except what matters, allowing the taste and real character of their beans to shine through. Great New Zealand Organic, Sustainable and Making a Better World Chocolate – Wellington Chocolate Factory only sources the highest quality beans from ethical suppliers – supporting local farmers and ensuring fair trade create a better world, one bean at a time.

About the chocolate bar

The Chocolate Bar is New Zealand’s premier artisan chocolate retailer and subscription service. Chocolate lover Luke Owen Smith organizes boxes of quality artisan chocolate every month, as well as a range of gift boxes and a huge selection of bars from around the world. Artisan chocolatiers are popping up around the world as part of the growing bean bar movement and each month Luke selects the best of the best to be delivered to your doorstep. All of the chocolate you’ll find at The Chocolate Bar is made from scratch, from the bean, using the highest quality, most ethically marketed cocoa in the world. Once you’ve done DIY, you can’t go back!

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