Is Bamburg new? Fairtrade University ??

Bamburg University is once again honored for its commitment to sustainable development and ?? Fairtrade University ?? May continue to hold the title of Wear, as noted in a college press release.

This title was awarded to him for the first time in 2018. Fairtrade Universities promote the awareness and commitment of university actors to fair trade ?? Combined with the implementation of specific projects on campus. The subject of fair trade represents one aspect of the larger subject of sustainability at the University of Bamburg and has a visible and tangible contribution.

In the agreement target for 2019 to 2022, stability is an important cornerstone. Chancellor Dagmar Steer-Flyer of the University of Bambourg says: ?? Such awards not only confirm our efforts to achieve greater sustainability, but also encourage us to deal more intensely with sustainability issues and to implement other projects at the university. . Our students also make a significant contribution, particularly through their initiative.

University programs focus on fair trade

Since 2018, has the university had much to anchor the subject of fair trade in teaching, research and administration and therefore the standards of a Fairtrade university? To be completed: The university programs of all faculties address the issue of fair trade.

Does this include, for example, the seminar? How fair is Bamburg (trade)? A socio-ethical debate? From the Chair of Theological Ethics of the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences, as well as a seminar on sustainability in sales and marketing.

In addition, in recent years, screenings of thematic films have taken place, including, for example, the film Le Mensonge vert? Shown then discussed. Fairtrade products are offered in the Bamburg canteen, in collaboration with Studenwerk Würzburg.

In addition, at this year’s Dice Academicus, at the founding ceremony of Otto Frederick University, three sustainability awards could be awarded for the first time. The Bamburg Lyceum Foundation donates the award, which is awarded to members of the university who are particularly committed to sustainability in research, teaching and campus management.

The tasks and measures related to fair trade are coordinated in one of the ten working groups of the University’s Sustainability Steering Group, which since 2016 has been dedicated to the topic of sustainability in all departments. Currently 17 people represent the fields of study, teaching, research and administration.

Dr. Caroline is the head of the BRICS-Asala Fairtrade University working group and is also responsible for other sustainability issues such as EMAS validation since September 2020. The abbreviation EMAS stands for “Eco-Management and Audit Scheme”. It is a voluntary instrument of the European Union which helps organizations to continuously improve their environmental performance. ?? Part of the University of Bamburg’s goal agreement from 2019 to 2022 is to first systematically record its environmental impact and improve it further in the future, ”explains Carolyn Brix-Asala.

Fairtrade is expected to become an increasingly important topic in research

“In the future, we would like to anchor the topic of fair trade even more firmly outside the academic community and beyond,” says Dagmar Steer-Flyer. This means, for example, offering even more fair trade products and collaborating with external partners at university events.

Mediation by Fairtrade Germany, for example, at Wealthhaus Firth University Sustainability Week, speaker Sarah Brockman ?? Regional and fair ?? She talks about ?? It is also important for students to offer more Fairtrade products on campus. We want to support it with Ag Fairred University ??, says Carolyn Brix-Asala. The communication concludes that interest in the subject should also be aroused by research, so that, for example, more research related to fair trade can be produced.

The German Fairtrade Universities Network consists of 32 universities. The campaign is also available worldwide in Great Britain, Brazil, South Korea and Poland.

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