Plans for Mother’s Day, even if it’s a little early for you? It’s the day that Josh and I will make the big gender reveal at a family barbecue by the pool. We’ll learn about the genre on Cinco de Mayo, which is ironic because my favorite dish these days is a savory chicken quesadilla. Then we’ll tell everyone on Mother’s Day.

Names you want to share, or is it a secret? Josh and I are going to keep this one a secret. But we’ll say, if it’s a girl, her middle name will be Carol, which was my late grandmother’s name. She was a very special woman in my life. Our family just found out by reading this article – SMILE!

Pregnancy advice you would give to other expectant mothers? Take it. … Everything is going so fast. The days, hours and minutes continue to advance. Keep a journal, document your memories, take tons of photos, and try to live each day to remember the trip. All of these will become very special moments and memories for you and the little baby.

What’s it like to be a pregnant woman in her 40s? I feel healthy and amazing! Having a baby in your 40s is a miracle and very special for expectant mothers. Due to technological advances in fertility, pregnancy, and childbirth, it is possible to safely have a baby at age 40 or older. Try to stay in shape, eat healthy and move!

Best advice you’ve ever received on motherhood? Get out of Google. You will drive yourself completely crazy wanting to know and learn everything that is going on. Know that you are doing an amazing job and count on your family and friends for support when needed.

Biggest wish for your newborn? To be a healthy, loved and happy little baby.

Biggest fear of being a mom? Failure is a very harsh thing and word, but it’s my fear. Josh and I want to give this little baby the world and more.

Weird pregnancy cravings? Over the past four months, my body has definitely wanted more food. Top of the list should be Cool Ranch Doritos and a sausage, egg and cheese croissant from Dunkin Donuts.


Plans for Mother’s Day? I’m going to work so another mom can spend the day with her kids.

Best advice you’ve ever received on motherhood? Both of my parents died when I was a teenager, so I had to get by. But it looks like I did a good job.

Best advice you would give to other mothers? Keep the kids in sports.

Proudest “mom moment” so far? He constantly surprises me by doing little things to show that he loves me. (And not just on Mother’s Day.)


Plans for Mother’s Day? With any luck, a surprise breakfast in bed and a magical foot massage.

Best advice you’ve ever received on motherhood? Never shake a baby.

Best advice you would give to other mothers? Do not rush. I love all the little moments we spend together.

Proudest “mom moment” so far? Every new word she utters. Everything is “heavy” lately, even when it’s a paper bag.In a film about your life, who would you like to play yourself? Kate Hudson

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