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  • February 11, 2022
  • 07:17

As cybersecurity becomes a central pillar of most IT departments and their missions, mastering the precepts and tools of ethical hacking is an essential professional skill. The Ethical Hacker Master Class pack offers a detailed overview of both the mechanics and the proper ethics for keeping networks and systems secure.

The set comes from the team at CyberTraining 365, a training company founded to help professionals master and apply cybersecurity skills in the real world. Instructors have real-world experience dealing with malicious actors and attempts to breach secure systems, which they have used to develop training exercises and course materials.

The set opens with a course in the fundamentals of ethical hacking, ideal both for newcomers to the field and for those looking to see where their current skills align with white hat work. You can then practice those skills with an ethical hacker bootcamp that walks you through all the skills, tools, and other aspects of the trade.

From there, you can take courses on different roles in the world of cybersecurity, including Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence Analyst, Advanced Persistent Threat Analyst, Security Analyst, and Forensic Investigation. -legal to determine where the breach was and who might have attempted it. Courses are designed for both those who want to take on the role and those who need a deeper understanding of how it works to better integrate a white hat team into their department.

For those looking to learn Python or curious about how it applies to ethical hacking, there is an in-depth study of how it is used in ethical hacking. Finally, there are three CompTIA certifications courses for IT, with the A+ certification, and more cybersecurity-focused certifications with Network+ and Security+.

Malicious actors, ransomware, and other issues are only becoming more prevalent. The Ethical Hacker Master Class Bundle helps you anticipate and thwart these issues for $33.15 with code VDAY2022.

Prices subject to change.

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