Man moves into cabin after being unable to pay rent

A TikToker couldn’t pay the rent and decided to move into his office.

Chibuzor Ejimofor, who uses the name Simon Jackson professionally, has created a series of viral TikToks regarding his predicament and predicament.

Jackson lives in Seattle, and with the city’s rent inflation and his student loans, he couldn’t afford to live nearby.

“[The apartments] were too expensive anyway, and my employer refused me a performance evaluation [design and engineering consultancy firm Arcadis]he shared, which potentially could have offered him a raise.

The idea came to him when he realized that his company had a completely empty office downtown due to the pandemic.

“They don’t pay me enough to do both, so in protest, I’m just going to live at my job, and we’ll see how long I can get away with it,” he added.

Jackson managed to live there for three nights and four days before his employers caught wind of his living situation through a video of his new digs on TikTok. Since posting it on March 8, it has reached over 12 million views.

Human Resources called him and told him to clean the cubicle and delete his messages about his work situation or he would be fired. He chose the latter.

“I wish they approached TikToks differently and maybe had a conversation with me about whether there was something more serious going on money-wise,” he told Insider.
“But do I understand their answer? 100%.”

He added, “Honestly, if I hadn’t posted the videos on TikTok, I think I could have lived in the office for at least six months with no problem.”

He hopes to take advantage of his newfound viral fame to build his personal brand and romper business. In the meantime, he will travel and stay with various friends.

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