Martha Stewart shared her ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ photos from her modeling days in Epic Post

Martha Stewart is one of the latest celebrities to take part in the TikTok ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ challenge. The famous housewife has shared some rare photos with fans that show a young Stewart during her modeling days.

Stewart takes part in the Teenage TikTok challenge

The “Teenage Dirtbag” challenge sees users make videos where they pose as they look today, then show off a slideshow of photos from their younger, more rebellious days. The title of the challenge comes from the song that plays in the background of each video – Wheatus’ 2000 single “Teenage Dirtbag”.

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Stewart’s video shows her posing in front of what looks like her building, wearing a sparkly tracksuit and chunky sunglasses. The slideshow of vintage images shows the TV personality reclining on the hood of a car, posing in a bikini, sporting a black party dress, as well as some of her modeling photos.

However, Stewart broke with tradition by using Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg’s 1999 hit “Still DRE” instead of the Wheatus song. However, the video still used “Teenage Dirtbag” when it was posted on his TikTok page.

Fan reactions: “Such a legend”

Fans loved the throwback photos and let Stewart know in the comments. “I love it all! you where [sic] NEVER A DIRTY BAG!!!” one person wrote. Another commented: “Such a legend.”

“Other guys: *follow Instagram models*; me: *follow Martha Stewart*,” one fan laughed. Another wrote: “Using a snooper song instead of the teenage dirt bag song.” Someone else commented, “Martha! You baby.”

Stewart’s modeling career

Her modeling career began when she was only 15 years old. Stewart has appeared in commercials and print advertisements for companies like Unilever household goods, Lifebuoy soap and Tareyton cigarettes. She has also paraded for designers like Chanel.

“I did an ad for Tareyton ‘I’d rather fight than change’, you know?” Stewart said in a 2004 interview with Larry King when asked about her days as a model. “And then I practiced smoking. I tried smoking for a week. And when I finally did the commercial, all I had to do was hold the cigarette.

Stewart has come a long way from her modeling days; she created a lifestyle and household empire, wrote dozens of cookbooks and columns, and even hosted a cooking show with close friend Snoop Dogg. Fans loved learning more about Stewart’s past as a model and can’t wait to get more TikTok content from the lifestyle expert!

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