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I need to find free software or apps that I can use to test a Midi controller keyboard – a Novation Launchkey 61 MK3.

I want to buy it used but the seller only has a smartphone to test it and I only have a Chromebook (Asus C523) (desktops and laptops are not an option).

All I need to be able to do is test all/most of the different TYPES of buttons… to make sure everything works fine
for example. The keyboard keys themselves, the faders, the Q-Link buttons, the drum pads, the transport buttons, the 2 modulation wheels, etc.

I don’t need to record a song or anything – I can just hear/see all these different types of buttons working on the screen and hear them too.

I have a Novation Launchkey 61 MK2 here with me – just bought it but never used it, or midi on a daw etc so I have no experience with any of it.
I’ve seen it on videos etc but they were all set up etc.

I want to buy the new mk3 version but since i have the old mk2 here – i can use it at home to test and get this working on the chromebook before i go meet this guy and test the mk3 he sell.

Tried a bunch of free apps on Chromebook via Play Store – but can’t get faders to work, Q-Link buttons, I think I have pads that work on one?

But there are also other buttons that I haven’t mentioned, but the ones above are the most important.

Could someone record a super quick video showing me how to test these things on a Chromebook ideally since it’s the only one I have that will work?
Or failing that – give good instructions?

Could it be a Synth-only application or a DAW or something else?

Even if I can only test half the buttons on one and the rest on the other, would that be okay?

I really hope someone can do a miracle and help me.

Thank you for your help

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