Mobiquity creates NFTs to fight the fur trade – NFT

Mobiquity, a full-service digital transformation enabler, has partnered with the International Anti-Fur Coalition (IAFC) and the University of Westminster to raise awareness of the global fur trade through NFTs.

The campaign, named Unfur, features a digital fur fashion collection featuring five fashion pieces that have been digitized as NFTs by Mobiquity and Hexaware.

Designed by students from Westminer University’s Fashion Institute, the campaign sparks a conversation about how the metaverse is revolutionizing the fashion industry and can be used as a force for positive change.

All five digital fashion NFTs are now auctioned through, on a sustainable blockchain. All proceeds from the sale and resale of NFTs have been donated to the International Anti-Fur Coalition in its fight against the fur trade.

The development of a digital fur fashion collection does not harbor any physical limitations of the fabric such as gravity, weight, or in this case the use of fur that is rare and not acceptable to wear in the physical world.

This in turn makes digital platforms such as the Metaverse and NFTs a much more sustainable and ethical way for people to enjoy fashion.

Gustavo Quiroga, APAC Managing Director at Mobiquity, said digital technologies are always driving change and the fashion industry is no exception.

“Fashion is becoming one of the biggest industries to take advantage of new and emerging virtual environments, such as the Metaverse. Through the development of the Unfur NFT collection, Mobiquity is exploring new avenues of how the metaverse can enrich and expand the frontiers of the retail industry and help accelerate time to market for such unique experiences,” he said.

Paul Raak, creative director of Mobiquity, said the aim of the Unfur campaign was to raise awareness of the atrocities of the global fur trade and generate donations to the International Anti-Fur Coalition.

“We want to reach everyone with an accessible and inclusive campaign because we need the support of consumers, fashion designers, creative and design agencies, NGOs, galleries, exhibitions and museums to eradicate the fur industry. The Digital Fur Fashion Collection, housed in the Metaverse, shows how digital innovation can create a sustainable future,” said Raak.

Jane Halevy Moreno, founder of the International Anti-Fur Coalition, said the organization was grateful and honored for this collaboration with Mobiquity.

“In 2022, it is high time to evolve by abolishing one of the most cruel industries, the “Blood Fashion” fur trade: UNFUR the world. Not one more earthling should be killed for greed and ego. It is high time to respect our planet and all its living beings,” she said.

“These striking avant-garde designs are a true reflection of anyone who wears animal fur and their inhuman, emotionless selfishness: having no soul, heart, brain, thought or feeling for anyone. fur should only be seen on their original owners: animals.

The auction will end on July 26, 2022.

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