Mura Masa releases debut single of 2021, teases third studio album –

Mura Masa has unveiled “2gether”, her original debut track from 2021 and a preview of her highly anticipated third album.

Lo-fi meets future bass in “2gether”, which features the intoxicating voice of Gretel Hänlyn. With its quirky electropop sound design, the sparkling single is Mura Masa’s signature and it marks the first original music by the renowned artist since January 2020 RYC album.

Check out the new song, arrived via Polydor Records, below.

Mura Masa took to Twitter to share a video showing how he produced “2gether,” which he said was recorded in a “very, very depressed and anxious” state during the global lockdown. The synths for the track were created using a Novation AFX Station, a monosynth designed in collaboration with electronic music legend Aphex Twin.

Music producers will soon be able to download the song’s unique snare drum, affectionately dubbed the “Demon Snare,” in a sample pack produced by Mura Masa. He encouraged fans to sign up to his mailing list for updates on the bundle, which can be done here.

Mura Masa just won a 2022 Grammy nomination for Best Remixed Recording, receiving the go-ahead for her portrayal of PVA’s “Talks.” This is the fourth appointment of the prodigious 25-year-old electronic music producer.

You can find “2gether” on streaming platforms here.



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