NCE Export Awards on December 2

The annual Export Awards Ceremony, hosted by the National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka, serves to recognize and reward Sri Lankan exporters of goods and services as well as exporter service providers, for their performance on the international market.

The Chamber celebrates the anniversary of the Pearl of the Exports Awards this year, capping 30 years of success, with the theme “Recognize, Inspire and Empower” – 30 years of unbroken commitment to Sri Lankan exporters on December 2 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Colombo.

The National Chamber of Exporters of Sri Lanka has made it a point to empower, support, inspire and celebrate exporters who play a pivotal role for the benefit of the country.

This event has been held for the past 29 years without interruption.

The structure of the event reflects current trends in international trade. In this regard, over the past three years, the structure has been limited to 28 product and service sectors to give many exporters the opportunity to showcase their successes and achievements.

Since then, each year the sectors have been refined, through the inclusion of specific sub-sectors within the main product and service sectors in order to provide opportunities for exporters of specific products and services with respect to these sub-sectors. -sectors.

These improvements were based on feedback received from exporters of goods and services as well as developments in international trade with respect to these sub-sectors.

As an additional feature, NCE confers special rewards when it comes to global industry rewards. These special prizes relate to the addition of value, research and development, innovation, brand image as well as the highest currency gains. In addition, a special prize is also awarded to the best female exporter, the best SME exporter, as well as the company that has best engaged the skills of people with disabilities in their export activities.

This year’s awards will focus on export performance for the year 2021 and adding a special feature, NCE last year presented the NCE Challenge trophy in the Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large categories for organizations who follow ethical business practices.

The structure of the event-related application form is itself an “evolving living document” which incorporates refinements and improvements included each year to adapt to modern trends in international trade.

In this regard, a particularity this year is the indication of the marks that will be awarded with regard to the various criteria for evaluating the applications, in order to allow the candidates to focus on the specific sections of the application form, to highlight their specific strengths.

The event is open to participation by chamber member exporters as well as non-member exporters and exporter service providers. The main condition for eligibility is that the applicant has been engaged in export activities as a registered exporter for a period of two years, preceding the year of the event. The application form is a comprehensive document that captures all important aspects related to exporting in the modern context of international trade.

These include the absolute volume and value of exports of a particular product or service, and export growth over previous years, as well as a range of management and financial aspects that help support an exporting company.

The Company’s impact on the environment and other stakeholders, aspects related to waste control and management, productivity and quality control, international standards applicable to the products and services concerned, efforts deployed in terms of innovation and differentiation of products and services, and the brand image of products and services are part of the other evaluation criteria.

The selection of the winners is carried out by an independent and professional jury competent in the various aspects of exporting. the jury is assisted by a separate “technical committee” made up of people knowledgeable in the technical aspects of exports, who carry out the initial evaluation of the applications and make recommendations to the jury for the final selection of the winners.

The Chamber also engages the services of a leading multinational auditing firm to provide professional input to the judging panel to ensure transparency and credibility throughout the award winner selection process, which has helped benchmark this event for its professionalism, and high standard.

The event confers gold, silver and bronze medals on the winners of the standards determined by the jury. The “Most Outstanding Exporter of the Year” as well as the “Second Most Outstanding Exporter of the Year” are selected from among the winners of the sector award.

In addition, several special prizes for specific export-related aspects are awarded.

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