Superman & Lois season 1 was all about the family

Superman & Lois does a great job introducing the whole Kent family and proving how important family is in Season 1.

Although the show is called Superman and Lois, the CW drama did a great job starring all four of the Kent family. Family love and the shared connection between Clark, Lois and the boys is the driving force behind the series. Balancing the struggles to save the world with the struggles to raise a family, the show has invested viewers in the lives of the Kents.

Part of that investment was to see how the family grew and come together after moving to Smallville. Clark and Lois decided to move to Clark’s hometown to be with the boys more often while giving Jordan a private space to practice and learn to control his newfound powers. Although the four Kents struggled to relocate, they each found their own place in the small town and their new family dynamic.

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superman and lois jordan and clark at fortress of solitude

Jordan’s struggles with social anxiety and his uncontrollable abilities were issues the family helped him with. Jordan and Clark actually began to bond around their shared Kryptonian heritage and abilities. While practicing his super strength on his dad’s old workout diary, Jordan shares a great time with his brother and dad after successfully denting him. His family cheers him on, proud of Jordan’s accomplishment.

The Kent family’s mutual support does not end there. Jonathan constantly puts himself in danger to defend his brother. When Jordan couldn’t control his anger and nearly parried a rival football player, Jon got in his way and grabbed Jordan’s punch. Jon’s hand broke, but he stopped Jordan from hurting someone else. Even though it initially strained the brother’s relationship, the two continued to be there for each other.

The biggest example of family love came in the season finale. Zeta-Rho, the father of Superman’s half-brother Tal-Rho and the mastermind behind the plan for the Kryptonian spirits to own humanity, possessed Jordan. Jonathan and Lois worked together to free Jordan from Zeta’s control, reminding the Kryptonian-human hybrid of his family and successfully freeing his mind.

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superman and lois family hug

Lois and Jon risk their lives to bring Jordan back, showing their dedication to their family. Clark also made an effort throughout Superman and Lois to be more present in the life of his sons. He started working as an assistant coach on their football team to keep an eye on Jordan’s powers and spend more time with the boys. He even went against General Sam Lane’s wishes to spend more time as Clark Kent on Superman.

Season 1 doesn’t appear to be the end of the show’s focus on family. The season finale gave John Henry Irons a family of his own with the arrival of his daughter, Natalie Irons. His origins and the details surrounding his survival at the destruction of his world are currently unknown. If she truly is John Henry Irons’ lost daughter, chances are the Kents will welcome her with open arms in Season 2, just as they did for her father.

By focusing on family love and real life struggles to make a family work, Superman and Lois has excelled in providing a model that real families can connect with. The Kents first stumbled to figure out what a real supporting family looks like. With their love and dedication, they came together and were able to show what a loving family can truly achieve.

‘Superman & Lois: The Complete First Season arrives on Blu-ray and DVD October 19.

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