The soap legend Dr. Bronner’s launches vegan chocolate bars

On August 1, Dr. Bronner’s, a company known for its all-in-one soaps, will launch Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One Chocolate, a line of vegan chocolate bars, in retailers nationwide. The organic chocolate bars are made with fair trade chocolate and will be available in six flavors: bars accented with whole roasted hazelnuts and whole salted almonds; Crunchy hazelnut butter filled with nut butter and salted almond butter and creamy coconut praline (filled with a sweet coconut-based praline). The new chocolate bars are made with 70% dark chocolate sourced from regenerating organic cocoa beans and sweetened with coconut sugar.

“Our recipe is simple: delicious, perfectly balanced ingredients sourced from well-paid farmers implementing regenerative organic practices, which fulfill chocolate’s promise as an expression of love, elevating it to sheer indulgence. and ethical that it is meant to be, ”Dr. Bronner President Michael Bronner said.

Ethical vegan chocolate

Dr Bronner’s aims to change the often unethical chocolate industry with its first line of foods by making environmental and social improvements in chocolate production. The idea behind the chocolate line arose when the company learned that the 800 farmers in eastern Ghana who supply organic and fair trade palm oil that Dr Bronner’s uses for his soaps are also growing cocoa. The company has worked with farmers to cultivate the ingredients for its Magic All-One Chocolate line and continues to work with them to improve the health and productivity of existing palms and cocoa trees through dynamic agroforestry – a practice that incorporates complementary trees. and other cultures. to create a self-sustaining environment where toxic chemicals such as pesticides are not needed.

“The true cost of chocolate production has been outsourced and paid for by cocoa growing communities in the service of profit for the few at the expense of many, resulting in widespread ecological destruction, climate instability, poverty, exploitation of workers, child labor, and even slavery, ”said Gero Leson, vice president of special operations at Dr. Bronner’s. “We want to model a shift from extractive capitalism to a truly constructive model. This reflection is the basis of Dr. Bronner’s decision to market our magic chocolate.

Pioneer of vegan soap

Although the chocolate line is new, Dr Bronner’s has been making its all-in-one vegan soaps since 1948. David Bronner, CEO of Dr Bronner and grandson of founder Emanuel Bronner, adopted a vegan lifestyle ago. over 20 years in an effort to live more compassionately. The environmentally and socially responsible company donates a large portion of its annual profits to support charities, including a variety of animal rights organizations such as Mercy for Animals, Sea Shepherd, and Animal Outlook (formerly Compassion Over Killing). In 2020, the company – which sold a bottle of soap every 1.51 seconds – generated $ 190 million in revenue and donated 40% of its profits (8.6% of revenue) to support Non-profit organizations.

The company’s Magic All-One Chocolate line, which is on track to be certified regenerative organic by 2022, will boost Dr. Bronner’s efforts to create a fairer world. “Dr. Bronner’s works magic with regenerative organic farming and its many benefits: vibrant agroforestry, biodiversity, soil fertility, better livelihoods for farmers, and delicious, rich, and dark chocolate, ”said David Bronner.

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