The virtual real estate boom has arrived

Digital real estate may seem like a contradiction in terms, after all, how can something that exists in the virtual world be real? But even if bits and bytes aren’t bricks and mortar, virtual properties are the next big thing on the horizon for smart investors to consider.

Using blockchain as a substrate, a Swiss-based company called DecentWorld has created a new metaverse, a world with its own territory and currency.

The project takes the idea of ​​NFTs to a different place than what has come before. You may know that artists and musicians have been attaching their creations to NFTs to make them unique for quite some time, and some of their creations have earned them huge returns. The DecentWorld platform combines these non-fungible assets with an interactive map of the world that allows visitors to not only travel and see what’s there, but also buy and sell properties.

DecentWorld offers users a unique experience, opening up an intriguing carbon copy of the real world for them to explore and invest in.

The whole world is up for grabs

The team that created this project has expressed their excitement about the endless potential for asset trading that DecentWorld enables. It combines the ironclad guarantee of blockchain security with traditional approaches to financial asset management and wraps it in an exquisite premium package that evokes a feeling of luxury.

You might be worried about another blockchain’s ethical credentials, but there’s no need to be afraid. DecentWorld uses a carbon-neutral and environmentally friendly blockchain.

The creators of DecentWorld see the dawn of this new landscape as a step up from Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The idea of ​​decentralized currencies was revolutionary but was initially met with skepticism. 10 years later and it’s now mainstream. Digital real estate could be just as ubiquitous in another decade, or perhaps even sooner given the current pace of change.

DecentWorld offers something a little different than most metaverse concepts on the market today. It offers users a virtual version of the Earth, so it will have a finite number of assets and the rules of supply and demand will still apply.

Each street in DecentWorld reflects its true namesake and can be traded like any other collectible. The process of owning real estate in DecentWorld will be nearly identical to owning it in the real world, right down to ownership documentation. Ownership certificates are presented in a familiar, easy-to-understand format, and transferring them to other users is simple. The commercial element encourages the social dimension of the platform which is another of its attractions.

As a technology company, DecentWorld realized the vast opportunities inherent in NFTs, but they also knew that if they were to create a popular platform, it would appeal to the vast majority of people who don’t spend every moment watching. think crypto. The architects of the DecentWorld system know that user experience is paramount these days, so they made the blockchain aspect very discreet.

The creators of DecentWorld told us that their design for the platform was inspired by popular board games such as Monopoly. Participants do not roll dice, but collect assets that they can trade as if they were works of art or antiques. People like to collect items and users are encouraged to collect more in this environment. They can stake their collections in exchange for a return.

This revolutionary approach to digital real estate puts DecentWorld in a class of its own in the NFT space. The creators of the platform believe it is greater than the sum of its parts. They didn’t come up with the idea of ​​NFTs, blockchain or interactive mapping, but they came up with a new way to bring them together to create something irresistible. It’s very usable, with an interface that the casual user can settle into easily.

Top-level real estate with value

DecentWorld has created an exceptional virtual world that is easy to navigate, and easy for new users to join. It is a user experience that draws on centuries-old Swiss ingenuity and its grand ambition is to become the model for the entire industry and the go-to platform for long-term virtual real estate investing.

DecentWorld was designed to deliver security that inspires confidence, uses game logic to engage its audience, and brings an entertaining personalized experience to anyone looking to buy and sell virtual real estate.

When an NFT is created inside the network, the platform attributes it directly to the owner and allows them to trade it in their native market, or sell it to other DecentWorld users using the peer -to-peer if that’s what the user wants.

These features come together to deliver a completely dynamic system where everyone can take advantage of the platform’s native economy.

DecentWorld takes a two-step approach to acquisitions. In the first, users can buy any street on the planet and add them to their smart collections. The second stage encompasses landmarks and notable objects.

Solid structure and plans

DecentWorld was set up for maximum sustainability and its tokenomics allow it to triumph over other metaverse projects. Its internal currency is called DWRLD, which is a utility token designed to support payment, exchange, and caching options.

Robust anti-fraud capabilities are built into the network, including customer identity verification so users can trade securely and confidently.

The Swiss flair for accuracy and reliability is evident in the platform’s built-in KYC and user verification processes. The platform also ensures data privacy and security and uses two-factor authentication to keep it watertight.

Project developers will keep their APIs open so that third-party developers can also contribute to the ecosystem, giving the DecentWorld experience more leeway to grow in innovative ways. It promises users a metaverse that will redefine the boundaries of virtual reality.

About DecentWorld

Based in Switzerland, DecentWorld is a virtual real estate platform that uses blockchain technology to create an innovative online experience. It allows members to buy and sell street NFTs which can be collected and staked for a pre-determined duration. Staked collections generate yield, in accordance with the staking period. Using state-of-the-art security, DecentWorld is reliable, trustworthy and transparent.

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