We’re on sale, aren’t we?

Trading has been an evident practice in all societies. Since ancient times, people have traded the goods they produced and offered services in which they were experts. In ancient societies, despite the scarcity of resources, the only goods traded were goods and services.

Currently, we can consider ourselves the most skilled and resourceful generation; however, we are also the most disturbing, insatiable, and greedy race. It is because we have strangled or sold our conscience. Today, in our part of the world, consciousness is one of the most traded and perhaps the most profitable transactions. Obsessed with idleness and absorbed in stagnation, we love effortless results. People take advantage of their conscience, their principles, their social values, their trust, their ethos and their religious principles or those of others for their selfish gains, which only offer temporary benefits.

For this reason, instead of working hard and building ourselves up, most people around us like to take advantage of our consciousness. This is reflected in honest hypocrisy, megalomania, and minimalist approaches to success, including sycophancy and flattery. We are no longer inspired by moral values ​​or social norms but by money. Rather than talking about our work and our efforts in our personal development, we are adept at appeasing and pleasing powerful, wealthy and notoriously important thugs. We like to bow to the elite and aristocrats who are corrupt to the core. We love to kiss their boots and always seek their “blessed” look.

Once we have exploited our rules and principles, we are driven by lawlessness, greed, and selfish tendencies. It is this selfishness and selfishness that has quickly dragged our society into a bottomless abyss of decadence and discouragement.

Devoid of conscience and undeterred by any law, we discuss the very characteristics and values ​​that make us a society. We auction education at school; hospital health; citizens’ rights in the public service; justice in court; religion in the pulpit, truth in the media; voting in elections; national interests in state property. With few exceptions, no one around us is sincere with assigned responsibilities. All we do is maximize our wealth and satisfy our ego. Therefore, most people wait for a higher bid to be sold.

Paradoxically, most of us are clothed in godliness and peddle honesty, integrity, and sincerity. Most of us are self-righteous souls, independent sages, and self-proclaimed saints. Our faith, our words and our morals are falsified, and integrity is deceptive. Each of us is the very incarnation of megalomania, chameleon and Machiavellian to the extent of his abilities. We have been so used to hypocrisy and duplicity that we look suspiciously at an honest soul. Because a man of integrity or high moral standards no longer appeals to our society. A society that idolizes and crowns criminals, notoriously large and influential thugs, and the pampered and patronized elite, regardless of their moral and ethical considerations, is doomed. And we’re on the way to loss, aren’t we?

Why must this be so? Why have we collectively and individually failed to halt the moral and ethical decay of society? Either we are not aware of having abandoned our values ​​and our conscience, or we do not want to recognize reality. Even if we are aware of it, we are not ready to recognize it. We dare not talk about it publicly. Even if we express it, it gets lost in the cacophony of lies and social fabrication. Even if he is heard, the conformist majority condemns and censures him. Even though he is not doomed, he gets lost in the overwhelming darkness.

However, where there is a standard, there is an exception. There are maverick and rebellious souls defying the herd mentality and fighting against decadence. We must idolize them and muster the courage to reorient the course of our society. It is only through determined individual and collective action that we can save this society from the accelerated slide into an amoral and anarchic spiral of unhappiness.

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