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Young people introduced themselves record numbers for the 2020 presidential election, and they Joe Biden overwhelmingly supported. Now the hashtag #CancelStudentDebt has been trending on Twitter, like intense pressure is building on the president-elect to finally tackle the $ 1.7 trillion student debt crisis that holds millions of Americans, especially young Americans, hostage to often crippling monthly payments for years to come. “It seems to be the closest we’ve ever been,” education advocate recently said Time, referring to the possibility of real policy changes. According to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) Who has established herself as the strongest voice in the matter, large-scale debt relief would provide “the most effective economic stimulus available through executive action.” But what is this probability? Can this finally be fixed?

In this week’s episode of Mother Jones Podcast, we come back to our great investigation by journalist Ryann Liebenthal into America’s broken student debt machine. We brought you this story first in August 2018, detailing the failed government program known as Public service loan remission, a system that when Biden was a candidate he vowed to streamline and reform. “It should be done immediately,” he said, referring to the adoption of new legislation. But that depends on who controls the Senate in January, and Biden’s declared urgency must inevitably be tempered by harsh political reality.

To update us on what has changed since the campaign, and what Biden’s choices for his business team can tell us about his ambitions, we spoke with our own transition tracker, Washington, DC, political reporter Kara Voght. . “Demands for the cancellation of student debt have not ceased since President-elect Joe Biden won in November, ”Voght said on the podcast. “It’s not just the grassroots, not just the progressives who are calling for this.” Review our original written survey here. And tune in to this week’s show below:

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